Minutes of the 9th Annual General Meeting of the Society of Saint Wilibrord, Switzerland

held at Beinwil Ecumenical Monastery, SO, on Saturday 23 January 2010 at 1100 hours

Present: Robert Amstutz, Hector Davie, Elisabeth Felchlin, Ernst Felchlin, Adèle Kelham, Andrew Ling, Klaus Heinrich Neuhoff

    The Chairman welcomed members present, and apologized for the delay which some members had experienced in receiving notice of the meeting.

    Apologies for absence were received from Angela Berlies, Marlies Dellagiacoma, Peter Hagmann, Dirk Jüttner, Daniel Konrad, Wolfgang Kunicki, John Newsome, Christoph Schuler, Lars Simpson, Peter-Ben Smit and Urs von Arx.

    The minutes of the 8th Annual General Meeting, held on 24 January 2009 in Berne, were approved.


    The Chairman delivered the Annual Report of the Society's activities in 2009.

    He noted the co-operation was continuing at Chapter/Pastoralkonferenz level. A current issue was that of Child Protection, where the Anglican church had built up a useful set of guidelines and recommended practices. These needed to be adapted in the light of differences between English and Swiss law.

    The question of overlapping jurisdictions also needed further discussion. It was noted that the Bonn Agreement was less detailed than the Porvoo Agreement, and that there was a need for clarification of what ministries clergy might undertake in a sister church without being formally licensed. Adèle Kelham shared her experiences of the Conference of European Churches, and it was felt that contacts involved in the field of ecumenism (e.g. Colin Williams, Angela Berlies) should be canvassed for their thoughts.

    In subsequent discussion, Adèle Kelham reported that the Society would be presenting the latest French text of the Old Catholic liturgy to the Archdeacon at the Anglican Synod on 30 January.

    A card had been designed for use on such occasions, and to publicize the Society. It bore a depiction of St Willibrord, flanked by two deacons, on the front, and on the back, a brief description of the Society's aims ("Strengthening fellowship and cooperation between Anglicans and Old Catholics in Switzerland"). There was discussion of the most accurate translation of this into German, French and Italian, and a set of wordings was agreed.

The meeting broke for the midday Office, lunch with the Community, and a meditative tour of the monastery, guided by Brother Christoph Wilden.

  1. 2009 ACCOUNTS
    Hector Davie presented the accounts for 2009, which showed a small surplus, and read out the auditors' report. The accounts were approved.

    The Executive Committee were re-elected in globo: Klaus Heinrich Neuhoff (President), Hector Davie (Treasurer), Sarah Aebersold, Adèle Kelham, Lars Simpson.

    It was agreed that the principles of the Society's activities remained unchanged.

    The Society would be playing a rôle at the International Old Catholic Congress from 9-13 August in Zurich. It was anticipated that there would be a joint meeting for national Willibrord societies to meet socially, and to discuss common issues and possibilities for contact and cooperation. The Willibrord Day events were planned for 13 November in Zurich. There would be an opportunity for members to experience the St Andrew's Church bazaar, but little chance of a specific joint activity. It was suggested that flyers could be distributed. An afternoon programme would be arranged, concentrating on ecumenical issues: the Porvoo agreement was proposed, or current dialogue with the Roman Catholic church. Colin Williams or Urs von Arx were mentioned as possible speakers. It was suggested that a visit to Utrecht might be planned for 2011.

    The proposed budget was approved. It was agreed that extra sums could be spent if the need arose, and specifically, that an amount of up to Fr500 might be made available to support the placement of a theological student to St Peter and St Paul's, Berne, who would also liaise with the Anglican chaplaincy of St Ursula's.

  6. DATE OF 2011 AGM
    It was recommended that the 2011 AGM be held on Saturday 22 January 2011, possibly including an overnight stay from the Friday.