Minutes of the 2nd Annual General Meeting

of the Society of St Willibrord (Switzerland)
which took place at St Ursula Anglican Church, Berne on Saturday, 15th February 2003.

The Revd K H Neuhoff - hereinafter referred to as the "President"opened the AGM at 10:05 a.m. and welcomed the members of the AGM. The term "AGM" hereinafter refers to the quorum of the members present at the meeting.

Apologies for Absence

The President noted that the following members had sent their apologies: Max Gürtler, Zahariah Schariah, Peter Hagmann, Andrew Ling, E. Gut, Foldi Seeler, Daniel Konrad, Peter Grüter, Eugen Herzog, M. Dellagiacoma, Franz Murbach.

Minutes of the 1st Annual General Meeting

The President asked the AGM whether the minutes should be read. The AGM unanimously decided that this was not necessary.

At the President's proposal the AGM unanimously decided to adopt the minutes as distributed to the individual members.

The President then noted that since the last AGM the SSW had a couple of new member churches and that both Bishop Fritz-René Müller and Bishop Geoffry Rowell have accepted to act as patrons and honorary Episcopal Presidents of the SSW.

Activities Report 2002

The President read the report in its entirety and then asked whether any member of the AGM would wish to add anything to the report.

Revd. Ch. Schuler from Neuchâtel mentioned that Sam (St Ursula Berne) was ordained Deacon last August and that both the Anglican and Old Catholic congregations used the Old Catholic church building in Neuchâtel.

The Ven. Peter Hawker mentioned that he was contacted by many Anglican chaplaincy regarding the forthcoming visit of Revd. Titre Ande to Olten. He also mentioned that Sam would be ordained priest on 28th June 2003 at Berne by the new Anglican suffragan bishop for Europe, the Right Revd. David Hamid.

The Revd Canon J. K. Newsome, member of the board, proposed to accept the AAR, which was unanimously approved by the AGM.

Financial Report

Copies of the financial report, budget and auditor's report was distributed to the attendees of the AGM.

Report 2002

Mr. Alan Bridgeman, the Treasurer of the SSW, duly presented his report for the financial year 2002 to the AGM.

The President noted that Bishop Fritz-René Müller had made a donation of CHF 500 to the SSW which was in turn paid towards the Anglican-Old-Catholic Seminar, which took place in Prague, CZ.

Budget 2003

The Treasurer also presented his budget for the financial year 2003. He suggested that the membership fees for 2003 should be as follows:
IndividualsCHF 30
CouplesCHF 50
OrganisationsCHF 100
ConcessionsCHF 10

The Treasurer noted that he expected that there would be more subscription money in 2003. He further mentioned that CHF 1,000 were budgeted for the sponsoring of an event and that the anticipated profit would be CHF 1,160 (this being a creative prognosis). He also cautioned that the budget was based on the situation as it presented itself at the time the budged was drafted.

Auditor's report

The Treasurer then read the auditor's report since the auditors renounced the honour to do so and subsequently asked for the AGM's approval of the same.

The President proposed to approve the auditor's report. The proposal was unanimously adopted by the AGM.

Further financial issues

* The Treasurer announced his resignation to the AGM. The President thanked Alan Bridgeman for his help with the SSW finances during the start-up phase.

The AGM unanimously adopted the Budget submitted for 2003.

Membership Fee

The AGM unanimously adopted the fees proposed in the 2003 budget (see above)

Election of the Committee

The Revd Klaus-Heinrich Neuhoff was re-elected as President per acclamation, so were The Revd Canon John K. Newsome and the Revd Franz Murbach (Secretary, currently on a sabbatical) as members of the committee.

It was suggested by various members of the AGM that it was desirable to have a lady member on the committee and also somebody from the Romandie.

The committee put Mrs Sarah Aebersold forward, who informed the AGM that she was prepared to serve on the committee but could not take on any commitments until March 2003. This resolved she was elected a member of the committee by acclamation.


Dr Ernst Felchlin resigned as auditor of the SSW. The President thanked Dr Felchlin for serving as auditor. He then enquired how much time had to be put in for the possition as auditor. Dr. Felchlin suggested the audit may be done before each AGM and would not require more than half an hour. However, Dr. Felchlin informed the AGM that he had preferred to do the audit at home.

The Ven. Peter Hawker proposed Mr. André Wyss as auditor who could fill the position along with another person (to be named), upon which committee proposed Mr. Max Gürtler for the second post. The AGM unanimously elected André Wyss and Max Gürtler (in absentia, subject to Mr Gürtler's approval).

The committee proposed Mr Hector Davie (previously auditor) as new treasurer to take over from Mr Alan Bridgeman. It was further proposed that Mr. Hector Davie should be on the committee. The AGM elected Hector Davie both as treasurer and member of the committee.

Principles of the SSW activities

No propositions for amendments/additions were made.

Diary for 2003


According to Rev. Ch. Schuler and the Ven. Peter Hawker the Revd. Titre Ande will be coming to Switzerland on 1st March 2003. On Sunday, 16th March he will appear on Swiss television for 2 minutes.

St Willibrord Day

The President noted that this year's St Willibrord's Day would take place in Zurich and various suggestions with regards to potential activities/themes for the day were made, e.g.

The 11th October 2003 was suggested as date. The Revd Harald Rein noted that this fell into the autumn holidays. 25th November was suggested as an alternative date, however, this date would be even more disadvantageous according to Sarah Aebersold since the "Katechetentag" would fall on that date.

The AGM resolved that the 2003 St Willibrord's Day should take place on 11th October.

Other activities for 2003

Further Business

No further business.

Members' Motions

The Ven. Peter Hawker and Ms Sarah Aebersold asked for a member/e-mail list, which was then distributed by the President.

Various Issues

The Revd Christoph Schuler suggested that the charities of the two churches should work closer together, e.g. Anglican members should be on the committee of "Partners". Brian Stone was suggested for that post. In return, an Old Catholic member could be an observer at the chapter meeting of the Swiss Archdeaconry.

The AGM was closed at 11:48 a.m.